Taza – Jebel Ali Village

Taza is the epitome of this region’s farm to table concept. It’s also how it lives up to its namesake – fresh. I love Taza and have only once been disappointed (not this time). Food buddy and restaurateur, @nicky_rr, entered two Taza chickens in our best roast/grilled chicken challenge the other week, ordering from their … Continue reading Taza – Jebel Ali Village

Wingstop – Motor City

Wingstop Inc. is a Texan chain of nostalgic, aviation-themed restaurants specializing in chicken wings. Believe it or not there are no less than eight branches scattered around Dubai, including this food truck parked besides Feras Sweets in the Apex Atrium Center in Motor City. The number of delivery bikers mulling around suggested that it’s almost … Continue reading Wingstop – Motor City

Grillo – Barsha

Grillo, not to be mistaken for Griller Grill’O, is a Nando’s wannabe chain of fast-food restaurants which specialises in Fried Style Chicken Without Frying. I don’t know why that marketing slogan of theirs reminds me so much of a line from Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon – the art of fighting without fighting: Anyway, their … Continue reading Grillo – Barsha