A burger for breakfast

Soleto Grilled Burgers is a small burger joint on Beach Road, Jumeirah 3. Two things differentiate it from most others, namely that it is open 24-hours and, possibly as a consequence, that it has a (small) section dedicated to breakfasts. Oh, and they serve Lavazza coffee, be it from a push button, table top vending … Continue reading A burger for breakfast


It took no more than a couple of bites of my burger for me to pin down where I had tasted something very similar to Moylo’s Cheese Attack – Shake Shack. Funnily though no one else in our party of four felt the same. And where I absolutely loved my gorgeously juicy burger, all three … Continue reading Moylo’s

Not the Pits

Whilst I am quite obviously NOT Little Red Riding Hood, I took the advice of fellow reviewer Big Bad Wolf and pulled into MERAAS’s latest extravaganza, the Last Exit on my way back from Abu Dhabi – Wow! It’s so cool. Billed by the organisers as a gourmet street food experience, the Last Exit is … Continue reading Not the Pits

The Kilby Café

The Kilby Café in Discovery Gardens is a modern take on traditional Pakistani cuisine. The interior is definitely different from most Pakistani restaurants I have been to, looking a little like a mix between a fast food joint and a diner. But there’s ample seating and it’s clean and cool. I have been there twice, … Continue reading The Kilby Café