Qinghaihu – China Cluster, International City

Qinghaihu is an authentic Chinese restaurant in the China Cluster of International City, Dubai’s unofficial China Town. It’s located next door to Wenzhou, the famous Chinese speciality supermarket and one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in International City, Sun Tour. Like many of the Chinese restaurants in the area, Qinghaihu specialises in Xinjiang cuisine, the … Continue reading Qinghaihu – China Cluster, International City

Yashar Palace – Jumeirah 1

Yashar Palace is Dubai’s newest, authentic Persian-Iranian restaurant. Sandwiched between TGI Friday’s and the Turkish Village near the Grand Mosque beside Spinneys in Jumeirah 1, it is also one of the largest. The front half of the restaurant has a skylight ceiling covered with (plastic) vine plant creepers giving the room a bright, natural look/feel…a … Continue reading Yashar Palace – Jumeirah 1