Cassette – Al Quoz

Cassette is a trendy bistro in The Courtyard complex in Al Quoz, itself among the sassiest places in town. It joins other popular eateries and cafes such as Tom&Serg, Roseleaf Café, Boston Lane and Café Rider in making Al Quoz a hotspot for hidden gems (and I’ve only listed a couple). Cassette’s interior ticks all … Continue reading Cassette – Al Quoz

Toranj – Barsha

Toraj, which is an old Persian word meaning bitter orange, is Dubai’s newest Iranian restaurant. Sandwiched between the Bosnian Grill and Spar Supermarket on Hessa Street, its interior is split between a full-length glass-walled kitchen and a dining area with the gaudiest gold framed furniture imaginable. There’s an additional full-floor dining area upstairs with an … Continue reading Toranj – Barsha

Khao Siam 45 – Barsha

Khao Siam 45 is an authentic Thai restaurant which has recently relocated from Business Bay to Al Barsha. Owner is Thai, chef is Thai, even restaurant manager is Thai – this is as Thai as they come. Yet somehow they have managed to balance the raw heat, pungency and aromatics associated with authentic Thai cuisine … Continue reading Khao Siam 45 – Barsha