Kovalam – Karama

Kovalam is an all-rounder Indian restaurant in desperate need of a redecoration. Located at the backend of the lobby of the venerable President Hotel on Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road on the fringe of Karama, even its small (and I am told lively) bar does little to brighten an otherwise dark, dreary and rather depressing … Continue reading Kovalam – Karama

Kaiseki Zen Cafeteria – International City

Kaiseki Zen Cafeteria is a recently opened Japanese restaurant in the China Cluster of International City, Dubai’s unofficial China Town – now that’s a first. Kaiseki—in the simplest of terms—refers to a multi-course Japanese meal. It can also refer to excellence in culinary skills—a fusion of food and art. Big shoes for this self-proclaimed cafeteria … Continue reading Kaiseki Zen Cafeteria – International City