TakaHisa – Bluewater Island

TakaHisa is a newly opened, super-premium Japanese restaurant at Caesar’s Palace Bluewater. At the heart of the restaurant are two separate Sushi and Kobe beef Omakase counters, manned by Sushi master, Chef Takashi Namekata (Tomo) and Wagyu master, Chef Hisao Ueda (Kohantei) respectively. The restaurant’s website proudly proclaims that it “offers premium seafood coming from … Continue reading TakaHisa – Bluewater Island

Barbar – Barsha

The food at Barbar was so tasteless I thought I had Covid. Could this really be the same restaurant so many of my friends have been raving about? The same Barbar which is considered a “household name in Lebanon”? I actually sent back my mixed shawarma platter because, in addition to being tasteless, it was … Continue reading Barbar – Barsha