Tamarind Terrace – Karama

Tamarind Terrace is something of a boutique restaurant in Karama specialising in Keralite cuisine. Located on the ground floor of the Wasl Opal building on Street 26, its interior is beautifully designed with hues of blue combining with motifs and elements of Kerala’s colonial Portuguese past to create an ambiance unlike any Keralite restaurant I … Continue reading Tamarind Terrace – Karama

Khau Galli – JLT

Khau Galli is quite a name to live up to; in Marathi, khau means treat and galli means a small lane. The term is synonymous with street food in Mumbai, the street food capital of India. Based in JLT’s Cluster T, Dubai’s Khau Galli is better looking than most Mumbai’s Khau Gallis. Its interior is … Continue reading Khau Galli – JLT

Lido – Port Rashid

Lido is the all-day dining restaurant at the QE2 in Mina Rashid. Located on the Quarter Deck of this once proud symbol of British style and luxury, its shambles of an interior ctrl-alt-deleted all the romanticism and nostalgia I had towards the QE2. In fact, it felt to me more like a cheap three-star package … Continue reading Lido – Port Rashid

Momo & More – Karama

Momo & More is a newly opened speciality momo restaurant in Karama. Located a few doors down from where one of my favourite South Indian breakfast spots was locate, Royal Garden, its three table and a wall counter interior is small even by Karama standards. But its bright and cheerful without seeming cheap. Looking at … Continue reading Momo & More – Karama