Kimura-Ya – JBR

“Kimura-Ya could possibly be the best casual dining, authentic, izakaya-style Japanese restaurant in Dubai”. I wrote that in my review of their newly opened Business Bay branch in August 2020. And here we are in December of the same (fabulous) year and I find myself writing another review for a second newly opened restaurant, this … Continue reading Kimura-Ya – JBR

Aroos-e Bandar – Baniyas

Bandar Bride Special Kabab is one of the last in a dying breed of old school Iranian eateries and kabab houses which once dotted the Deira and Bur Dubai culinary scenes. Affectionately known throughout the dwindling Iranian community as Aroos-e Bandar, this little-known cafeteria is hidden in the alleyway behind the CBD building on Baniyas … Continue reading Aroos-e Bandar – Baniyas

Food Park – Barsha South

Food Park is one of those Jack-of-all-trades Indian cafeteria style restaurants which boasts a menu as voluminous as Encyclopedia Britannica and includes everything from curry to chowmein, from hotdogs to dosa – which I was there to have. Located in the Signature Building next door to Miracle Garden in Barsha South, it rubs shoulders with … Continue reading Food Park – Barsha South

Jelfar Café – Neif

Jelfar sounds like something out of Aladdin’s cave – a golden sword? a silver lantern? a precious gem? Yes, a gem. A hidden gem. Food bloggers, foodies and gluttonous adventurers alike dine at obscure wayside eateries, hole-in-the-walls, dumps, and dives in the hope of finding such hidden gems. Although I have slowed my pace in … Continue reading Jelfar Café – Neif

CaliBurger – Barsha

The two most common words from my previous reviews of CaliBurger’s now closed outlets in Umm Suqeim and Sheikh Zayed Road were In-N-Out and imitator. I also asked if it’s plucky or plain stupid to base one’s business model so blatantly on someone else’s. Yet here we are again with the same old wannabe story. … Continue reading CaliBurger – Barsha