Disappointing Muchachas

What an utter disappointment. After their return to form with Brunswick (let’s face it, Common Grounds was a bit of let-down compared to Tom&Serg and the Sum of Us) I felt F&B dynamic duo, Arnel and Lopez, would give us something really…well, a lot more special than Muchachas. And to think I went there blind, … Continue reading Disappointing Muchachas


The Stuffed Burger Company was recommended to me by fellow Zomato reviewer Shabina Afzal, and I used her recommendation to convince my constantly ‘debating’ family that this was the place to have lunch. That, and the fact that it was my son’s last day in Dubai and he fancied a burger and quickly sided with … Continue reading Stuffed…

French pizza, really?

Pizza Pino in Downtown Dubai is an official branch of the original on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. A French pizzeria? In fact, I am told the one in Paris is very good; something I wouldn’t have believed based on my experience at their Dubai branch. And although I know I am going to ruffle some … Continue reading French pizza, really?

Karachi Darbar – the best Pakistani breakfast in Meena Bazaar

Ask any self-respecting Pakistani taxi driver where to get the best breakfast in Meena Bazaar…or anywhere for that matter, and he’ll most probably point you in the direction of Karachi Darbar. I’ve reviewed several KD’s in Dubai but this was my first visit to their Meena Bazaar branch…on recommendation of my taxi driver. Located right … Continue reading Karachi Darbar – the best Pakistani breakfast in Meena Bazaar