Yo!! Momos – JLT

Yo!! Momos is a small Nepalese themed restaurant in Cluster R of JLT. If you find yourself wandering around unable to locate the restaurant, it’s because they haven’t yet changed the previous signboard – Laqmouche. The interior of Yo!! Momos is really…um, yellow. It has that forgivable element of unfinished DIY one normally associates with … Continue reading Yo!! Momos – JLT

Le Petit Belge – JLT

Le Petit Belge is one of JLT’s hidden gems. Located at lake level of the Pullman Hotel in Cluster T, the restaurant (if you’re familiar with Dubai’s Belgian themed gastropubs) looks and feels more like a branch of Maison Mathis than the BBC (Belgian Beer Café). And that may be because both are owned by … Continue reading Le Petit Belge – JLT

Moylo’s – JLT

Moylo’s is one of my favourite burger joints in Dubai. The fact that its home-grown makes it even more special. So, I was very excited to learn they have opened a branch in JLT, somewhere I spend a lot of time. It took quite a hunt to find them, the reason being that they’re operating … Continue reading Moylo’s – JLT

Ají – Palm Jumeirah

Friday brunch at Ají, one of Dubai’s best known (and loved) Nikkei restaurants, is nothing less than amazing. Nikkei cuisine (for those like me who are not big on fusion) is a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food. Ají, just so you know, gets its name from the famous chilli peppers which much of Peruvian … Continue reading Ají – Palm Jumeirah

Makarem – Al-Barsha

The food and service at newly opened Makarem are outstanding, portion sizes are mammoth. Located on the service road near the Emirates ID Centre on Hessa in al-Barsha, Makarem is a two-story affair with the ground floor dedicated to reception, order taking and (I’m assuming) the kitchen, and the top floor a dining area, complete … Continue reading Makarem – Al-Barsha