Xun Wei Chinese Restaurant – Naif

4 thoughts on “Xun Wei Chinese Restaurant – Naif”

  1. Thanks so much for this recommendation! We loved it. The shrimp, garlic sauteed vegetable, 5 spice pork were so legit. Not to be missed are also their freshly made dumplings. We spoke at length with the owner (my wife is Chinese). The family is from Jiangsu but the chef is from Sichuan (Chongqing). I’ve traveled all over China and this place is some of the best food I’ve ever found outside of China. Also, I’ll note here that it doesn’t really open until about 3 pm and stays open until 3 am catering primarily to the late-night Chinese community in Naif.

      1. We didn’t meet the owner’s son. As my wife is Chinese, the owner sat and talked with us for nearly the whole meal. We got the whole story. Then we met his wife and she told us that the dumplings were her speciality. We talked with the owner about your blog some and he remarked how much you guys always order. 🙂

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