Kaffa Beans Café

The Kaffa Beans Café in Silicone Oasis is nothing less than a revelation, a true hidden gem. And I am totally smitten. But let’s start with a story, shall we – The Kaffa province in ancient Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, is fabled to be the original home of the Arabica coffee plant. An article in the … Continue reading Kaffa Beans Café

Ravi’s in Karama

Ravi’s is something of a Dubai culinary landmark where affordable Pakistani food is concerned. But, although it has now mushroomed into several branches, and spawned many pretenders, wannabes and imitations, it will always be the original in Satwa which I will consider THE Ravi’s, the ashram. And with good reason; the others, this Karama branch … Continue reading Ravi’s in Karama

Mandi in Jumeirah

Al-Marhabani is one of the more upmarket Mandi restaurants in Dubai. It’s well-appointed interior is in stark contrast to the best-eaten-by-hand nature of the originally Yemeni cuisine it serves. Reservations are recommended as the place does tend to get busy on weekends and at peak hours. Parking can also be a problem but there is … Continue reading Mandi in Jumeirah

Birdies Sports Lounge

Birdies Sports Lounge, located on the fringe of the Arabian Ranches golf course, is possibly the most overlooked, underrated venue in all of Dubai Land. And that includes Motor City, Victory Heights, the Green Community, the Polo & Equestrian Club, etc. Even I am guilty of coming here for nearly a decade without so much … Continue reading Birdies Sports Lounge