Global Fusion – Mumbai

Global Fusion is the Pan-Asian version of Barbecue Nation, AB’s and (most recently) Hot Palayok. And, it’s as big and grand as anything we have in Dubai. Indians seem to love these VFM buffet concepts making such restaurants hugely popular throughout India. I was taken to Global Fusion by an Indian friend who lives with … Continue reading Global Fusion – Mumbai

Little Bangkok – JLT

I came to this branch when it first opened and loved it, thinking it was one of the best Thai newcomers to Dubai. Since then, and I’m talking maybe three, four years ago, the Little Bangkok franchise has grown…a lot. And, although I’ve been to several of their other branches, I’ve not necessarily been impressed, … Continue reading Little Bangkok – JLT

BB Social Dining – DIFC

I’ve been to BB twice now and still don’t understand what ‘type’ of restaurant it is. Their menu has a definite Asian-Eastern bias, but the décor is anything but Asian. On the subject of the interior, it’s amazing. I love the way they’ve connected all three floors (yes, three floors) with a grand spiral staircase. … Continue reading BB Social Dining – DIFC