A meat-fest of epic proportions

Texas de Brazil is a hugely popular Churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse) located beside the cinema at MOE. It features a wide variety of carved-at-your-table, all-you-can-eat meats, an extensive salad bar, and desserts. As its name suggests, it (in its own words) ‘combines the cuisines of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas’. Marketing blah blah aside, … Continue reading A meat-fest of epic proportions

The best Cafe in the Greens, Barsha Heights and Emirates Hills

Arrows & Sparrows Café and More…looks and feels inconspicuously like a leaf out of the Tom&Serg book. And like T&G, the two BFF owners have named their second outlet something completely different to the first, the popular Friend’s Avenue in JLT. Fans of grey epoxy floor, blacken exposed ceilings and modern-retro, minimalist furniture (again, similar … Continue reading The best Cafe in the Greens, Barsha Heights and Emirates Hills

Breakfast at The Bridge

The Bridge is the Park Hotel’s all day dining restaurant. It is without doubt one of the best restaurants I visited during my week-long culinary tour of Calcutta. And let me tell you why – service. Service at the Bridge is outstanding. It’s far better than any of the other establishments at the hotel (hotel … Continue reading Breakfast at The Bridge

One of the better Thai restaurants in Dubai

Rhong Tiam is an amazing Thai restaurant located on the ground floor of the Wasl Vita Boutique Shopping Plaza, opposite the Civil Defence Station in Jumeirah. The franchise comes with the Michelin star-pedigree of founder/owner Chef Andy Yang (https://vimeo.com/136186588) yet is unpretentious, and far more authentic than its casual, modern interior suggests. The food is … Continue reading One of the better Thai restaurants in Dubai

Rock on!

By the time I write this review, this branch of the Barbeque Nation franchise will have received in excess of 5,700 votes, and nearly 2,700 raving, 4+ reviews; more than double the highest number I’ve even seen for any restaurant in the UAE. Interestingly it is identical in concept to the darling of the Indian … Continue reading Rock on!

Runny eggs on Park Street

Flurys is a Kolkata landmark, an institution. And I hear it’s a decent bakery and dessert parlour too. As a restaurant, specifically where breakfast is concerned, it leaves much to be desired. Expecting so much from the endless reviews and recommendations, my father’s more than anyone’s (although not Indian, he spent ‘the best years of … Continue reading Runny eggs on Park Street