Veg Hut Restaurant – DIP

Veg Hut is a Tamilian restaurant which specialises in Coimbatore style food. Located in Block A of the RDK Building, opposite the imposing Dubai Investments building, my food buddy Sam and I observed that the restaurant’s interior was spotlessly clean rather than elaborately decorated. It was comforting to find a bottle of hand sanitizer on … Continue reading Veg Hut Restaurant – DIP

Lucknowee – Karama

I’m not a big fan of Tunde Kabab, a Lucknow specialty. This put me at odds with Lucknowee, Dubai’s newest Lucknow cuisine restaurant, before I even set foot in the place. And what a place it is – small but handsomely decorated with a definite hint of shahi. Pride of place is taken by an … Continue reading Lucknowee – Karama