Deli Boutique – Barsha

Deli Boutique is the all-day dining restaurant at Suite Novotel near Mall of the Emirates. It’s linked by wall-to-ceiling doors to its Accor stablemate, Amici on the other side at the Ibis Dubai MOE. In fact, if you’re not paying attention you could very well end up sitting on the wrong side. I did. Although … Continue reading Deli Boutique – Barsha

Griller – Barsha

Griller, not to be mistaken for Grill-O, is a newly opened fast food franchise in Barsha (opposite MOE, beside Mr. Crab) which specialises in grilled Peri Peri chicken as well as fried style, baked, battered chicken which they claim, tastes just like fried chicken. And you know what? it’s actually similar to KFC original only … Continue reading Griller – Barsha