Dosa & Dhokla – Karama

3 thoughts on “Dosa & Dhokla – Karama”

  1. Well.. I thought you had genuinely good reviews. I have been to this restaurant.. the wallpapers here are too loud and the food is very ordinary. I felt the dosa had different texture. I personally love Woodlands restaurant in Karama for its awesome Dosas.. Aryaa’s , Venus and not even Dosa and Dhokla are any match!!
    The only good thing about Dosa & Dhokla is the sweet talk that the owner gives..

    1. Hi PK – thanks for reaching out. I’ve been to all those restaurants too and you know what? I love Woodlands too, especially their Rava Dosa. Maybe it was just I was tired of doing the same rounds, weekend after weekend, and Dosa & Dhokla offered something new. Maybe it was because I was having Ghee Roast for the first time – it just blew my mind. I really liked their Sambar too. Anyway, it’ll always be a matter of preference. Do let me know if you come across any new Dosa restaurants in the future (you are obviously an authority on the matter), and thanks again for taking the time to voice your opinion.

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